Chicago, Illinois is a Camarilla domain, currently ruled by Prince Tasha X Katja Nothing Katja Nothing-Llewellyn Preston Jonas DeWinter Katja Nothing-Llewellyn.

Throughout the early to mid 1990s, Chicago, bounded by Sabbat forces, was a dangerous place for a Prince to reign. It was not unusual for a new Prince to last a few weeks before inevitable assassination. An excellent example is the so-called "Night of Long Knives" when Brujah anarchs massacred dozens of Kindred, including the Prince and the Tremere primogen.

The worst, as well of the most short-lived Princes was a anarch Tremere, Neil Knoxe, who eventually proved to be a Sabbat plant. The city elders finally turned against Knoxe after he recruited a cadre of werewolves and rogue Assamites to enforce his will. A huge battle ensued, with Knoxe (imbued with the spirit of Jack the Ripper) standing his ground against the collective Primogen. Knoxe escaped, and a relative calm returned to the city with the rule of the Malkavian prince, Harlequin, also known as "Prince of Hats." It should be noted that Knoxe was well known for his creative use of blood magic and shapeshifting, creating the feared "Flaming wolf claws."