A former steel mill city, whose glory days have passed.

A Camarilla city since the 1820's, Buffalo's princes have long held the city against Anarch and Sabbat alike.

Former Princes of Buffalo
Anton Sophys of clan Ventrue, ex-Prince, former Archon in early 1900s, killed by a Fae.
Victor Valentine of clan Brujah, ex-Prince, Murdered by Joseph Daniel Gabriel
Mr. Thaumarian of clan Malkavian, ex-Prince, Living in seclusion.
Warren Peace of clan Ventrue ex-Prince three times over, Bloodhunted by Victor Valentine. Lost his head.
Sebastian Andolini of clan Ventrue, ex-Prince three times over, Diablerist, Bloodhunted. Now repotedly Baron of Rochester.
Corey Ashford Buchanan of clan Brujah, ex-Prince, recently returned, now an Anarch
Sachin of clan Tremere, ex-Prince, recently returned from a prolonged disappearance. Then disappeared again.
Eddie Carlson of clan Gangrel: Reigning prince
Former Prince of Niagara Falls
William Stern of clan Brujah, Bloodhunted by Sebastian Andolini

Anarchs of Buffalo***

Current Baron of Buffalo
Vaux Saladin, Follower of Set

Former Barons of Buffalo
Dr. Justice T. Probitas III of clan ???, Baron of Niagara Falls, whereabouts unknown
Dr. Russell Adams of clan Brujah, Shogun of Niagara Falls, whereabouts unknown
Vaux Saladin of clan Followers of Set, Current Baron of Buffalo.

Anarchs of Buffalo***
Vaux Saladin, Follower of Set
Nobody Important, Nosferatu
Lee Chang, Gangrel
Corey Ashford Buchanan III, Brujah
Chasca, Gangrel
Jack Styles, Caitiff
Chris Smith, Nosferatu
Jack Quinn, Brujah
Zack Miller, Brujah
Amy Pond, Brujah
Danny, Nosferatu

      • Important Independants of Buffalo***
Broken Sword, Gangrel- First Prince of Buffalo, retired.
Jon Walker, Gangrel- Considered by many to be the leader of Clan Gangrel in the city. Reportly a Sabbat collaborator
Buffalo, New York
Prince Eddie Carlson, Clan Gangrel
Seneschal Richard Myers Malkavian
Harpy Tobias Truefeather of Clan Children of Haqim
Sherriff Rick Solomon of Clan Tremere
Scourge Lyku of Clan Malkavian
Keeper of Elysium Sean O'Connor of Clan Ventrue
Gangrel Primogen Edward II
Brujah Primogen "Gus" Malus
Malkavian Primogen Robert Brown
Nosferatu Promogen Johnathan Cooper
Toreador Primogen Moira O'Neil
Tremere Primogen Maxwell Edison
Ventrue Primogen Louis Beauchamp